>Review: Period by Dennis Cooper

>Period is the last of the George Miles cycle and, personally, I believe it is his best. Of all Dennis Cooper’s work, this is probably my favorite, or a very close second to “God, Jr.” The plot-line is sometimes hard to follow, as it moves back and forth between dimensions of reality and names are interchangeable (the story is narrated through the eyes of a chrystal meth addict, so what else would we expect?) but that makes the brilliance of what Cooper accomplishes even more beautiful. If you followed the George Miles novels from the beginning, you will not be disapponited with this concluding chapter. Cooper’s honesty is not just gut-wrenching (or gut-turning, depending on your exposure and sensitivity to Cooper’s style) but also heart-moving. The author’s personal pain and conflict over his relationship/feelings for “George” – as well as the loss of that friend are, for the first time, clearly expressed. The prose is inventive and powerful, the characters are believable and sad. All-in-all, Period is a stellar acheivement by a master writer of psychologically deviant, subersive-transgressive literature.

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