Review: Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card

While I very much enjoyed the Shadow/Bean series, I found this final book to be the least engaging. I did enjoy the ending – Ender & Peter’s “reconciliation” – and the series interested me enough and kept me entertained enough to make me still want to read the rest of the Ender series, including the newest “prequel” or sequel to book one – the time-line gets confusing, and I appreciate that Card gives shouts out in his books’ acknowledgments to the people who helped him keep track of time and characters. The final books in the Shadow series began to focus heavily on religion and politics, which distracted me from the story because of how at odds I am with Card’s own political and religious beliefs (though in all fairness, it’s hard to interpret this through his Shadow series). In any event, I enjoyed the series and I look forward to reading more – including the remaining Ender books as well as Pastwatch.

What do you think?

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