The Literary Others: An LGBT Reading Event (Master Post)

Welcome to the Master Post for The Literary Others Reading Event!

This is a one-month event focused on all things LGBT, in honor of LGBT History Month (USA).  Reading that will count for this event include any novels, short stories, essays, memoirs, biographies, poetry, plays, etc. written by an author who identifies as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered.  Also, any works written by heterosexual authors, but whose primary plot/characters revolve around LGBT issues will count as well.  See this post for more information and some suggestions.

In early September, I announced sign-ups for the event, and was very happy to see that so many folks were interested and eager to get involved!  Thank you all for your positivity and encouragement, and for spreading the word about this event (please continue to do so! Twitter: #OthersLitLGBT)

I have a lot of things planned for this month-including giveaways, guest posts, and, of course, my own reading and reviewing of LGBT works. First, let’s talk logistics.

At the bottom of this post is a “Mister Linky” widget. Whenever you review a book or write a post related to the event, please link it on this master post. Please include the title or subject of whatever your post is AND your blog name in the “Name” section of the link. It should look something like: “Master Post (Roof Beam Reader).” This will ensure that all the links are in a similar format, and that others will know what your post is about before they click on it. I will make sure that the button on the right side of my blog will take you to this post. Please make sure to only link-up your posts on this main Mister Linky list!

Whenever you link a post, you will become eligible to win the giveaways that I will be hosting here throughout the month.  The only way to be entered for these prizes is to make sure your posts are linked-up here (this includes reviews of the books you’ve read, commentary on LGBT topics, giveaways, or any other posts directly related to this event).

There are also going to be quite a few giveaways hosted by participants of the event (thank you for your generosity!).  Specific details for each of these giveaways may be different, so be sure to read the rules on those giveaway posts carefully and enter if you are interested!  For any of the giveaways, here or at other participants’ blogs, you will need to be pre-registered (before October 1st) for this event in order to win.  

My first read is: The Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst. What’s yours?!


30 Comments on “The Literary Others: An LGBT Reading Event (Master Post)

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  2. hi Adam! if you would allow me, i have 2 LGBT novels and a short story which i read and reviewed in 2011 that i would love to include in the event as reposts. these 3 are aside from The Picture of Dorian Gray, David Blaize and Praire Silence which are my official reads for the event. they don’t have to count as entries for the giveaway. i just want to share them to your readers and to everyone who participates who might be interested to read them as well.
    please let me know! thanks!


  3. It’s here, it’s here! We started reading this weekend, so we’re at our second book for this event – A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. (I can’t believe I didn’t know Isherwood existed.) This looks like it will be a great month. Only praying for more free time 🙂


    • Yay! I’m glad you discovered him, too. He’s a great writer. A Single Man is my favorite, but The Berlin Stories are excellent as well.


    • Sure, if the reviews haven’t been posted – go right ahead and share with us! Keep in mind, though, that for giveaway purposes, I’ll only be counting those books read & reviewed in October 2012. 🙂


  4. I loved the Swimming Pool Library. It was one of Hollinghurst’s less dense and more beautiful books. I started to read his newest, but it wasn’t the right time for me to read it so will have to go back to it at some point.


    • This will be my first time with Hollinghurst, so I’m looking forward to it – many consider this book to be one of the “important” books in the “gay canon.”


      • It was and it’s incredibly beautiful I think. It’s funny because it’s very specific, as most of his novels are, to London. I’ve read them all with the exception of the newest.


  5. I’ve started the House of the Vampire, the first gay vampire novel (1907), but up to now I feel I’m back in the 80’s… I’ll wait until I’ve finished to make any further judgement…


    • That actually sounds very interesting… I’ve never heard of it, but considering that it was published in 1907 to such acclaim (when most ‘homosexual’ literature was very much shunned or appreciated only in the abstract/underground), it might be one to add to the list!

      Looking forward to your thoughts!


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  7. Hi Adam, You’re doing a great job with this event! 🙂 I signed up, and I’d planned to come up with a reading list, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. However, I just realized that my first review of the month, American Psycho, qualifies, because the author is gay. There are others I’d like to read, including A Single Man and Orlando. I also watched and loved the movie Pariah, which I reviewed a few days ago.


    • I haven’t read American Psycho, yet, but I do typically enjoy Ellis. I also LOVE A Single Man. One of my favorite books of any genre! And I really, really want to read Orlando, but I’m so intimidated by Woolf. My first (and only) experience with her (To the Lighthouse) did not go very well. Lol


  8. I just did the Mr. Linky thing for my kick off post, so I’m official now. 🙂 I included 10 favorite LGBT novels in that post but would like to give a shout out here to a powerful YA novel called SCARS by Cheryl Rainfield. It’s about a young lesbian who cuts herself for relief from the pain of her home life. Rainfield is a Canadian writer and I’m hoping her reputation continues to grow in the US. Her YA novel HUNTED is also very good but LGBT isn’t its main focus. Looking forward to reading everyone’s reviews!


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  10. first book for the event, The House of the Vampire, for which I had high hopes – much ado about nothing in the end. Hope the rest of my list more than makes up for it!


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  12. Sorry, I haven’t gotten anything new written for this month. I do want to add one of my favorite lesbian novels, Remember the Tarantella, by Finola Moorhead. It’s a wonderfully creative book about lesbians as individuals and as a community in Australia and worldwide. See my review.


  13. This is the last post for the month (I will continue with my other choices further on). Many thanks Adam for hosting this event, which had me read and study and discover a lot of new/unknown information!


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