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The Beats of Summer: Master Post

  Welcome to the Master Post for The Beats of Summer! This is a one-month event focused on all things Beats, including primary texts, any re-imaginings of their original works, biographies, critical texts, etc.  In early May, I announced sign-ups for the event, and was very… Continue Reading “The Beats of Summer: Master Post”

The Beats of Summer: A Reading Event! (Sign-Up Post)

Welcome to the sign-up post for: The Beats of Summer: A Reading Event! Summertime is coming, and what better time than Summer to immerse ourselves in the works of the most rebellious, daring, and “hot” generation of American writers?? For this event, the goal… Continue Reading “The Beats of Summer: A Reading Event! (Sign-Up Post)”

Guest Post: Jazz and the Beat Generation (#BeatsOfSummer)

  Jazz and the Beat Generation: Jack Kerouac and David Amram Contributed by Stephanie Nikolopoulos Before Jack Kerouac stuck his thumb out and criss-crossed his way across the lush landscape of America, he moved from his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts, to attend prep school… Continue Reading “Guest Post: Jazz and the Beat Generation (#BeatsOfSummer)”

Friday Feature: Giveaway (#BeatsOfSummer)

Hello, Beats of Summer Participants! This is just a quick note to let you know that Jenna from Lost Generation Reader is hosting a Beats Giveaway for us this week!  The giveaway is open to participants of our event and will end on June… Continue Reading “Friday Feature: Giveaway (#BeatsOfSummer)”

TBR Pile Checkpoint #7 – July Progress!

  Hi, Hey, & Hello There, all TBR Pile Challengers! It is July 15th, which means we have crossed the half-way point and are now officially on the downslope for our 2013 TBR Pile Challenge!  So far, the overall progress and participation in this year’s challenge has… Continue Reading “TBR Pile Checkpoint #7 – July Progress!”