Hi there!

I’m an English professor who specializes in Writing Across the Curriculum, LGBT+ Studies, and Writing About Literature. I’m also a published author of poetry, non-fiction, and criticism. My blog here at Roof Beam Reader focuses on my personal reading journey as well as other related topics, including craft, teaching, and society.

I consider myself an essayist and reviewer who is trained in literary criticism and analysis; however, in recent years, I have turned to creative writing, including ventures in poetry, short stories, and a novel. To that end, I’m now pursuing a post-doc writing certificate at the University of California, Berkeley.

In 2021, I joined DIY MFA as a columnist for LGBTQ+ Literature & Craft. Previously, I was the Classic Literature Expert for About.com and a judge for the Scholastic Writing Awards, the Indie Lit Awards, and BBAW. I also co-founded The Classics Club.

Please follow my thoughts/writing adventures via my blog or check out my publications.

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