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Writing and Reading Recently

I’ve been pretty busy with both reading and writing, lately. I guess I am thankful that it is summertime and, while I’m still working hard on course preparation and planning for the fall term, I at least have a break from teaching right now.… Continue Reading “Writing and Reading Recently”

The Third 10 Days #100DaysJournal

Hello there! Here’s another update (my third!) on my 100 Days of Journaling project. First of all, I cannot believe that an entire month has gone by already. I’ve been waking up an hour or two earlier every day (I’ve been doing this for… Continue Reading “The Third 10 Days #100DaysJournal”

The Second 10 Days #100DaysJournal

A quick update on my 100 Days Journal project. First, I’m happy to announce that, yes, I’m still going! It’s very rare that I can stick to any kind of time commitment-based project. I don’t know why. The structure is actually helping me this… Continue Reading “The Second 10 Days #100DaysJournal”

The First 10 Days #100DaysJournal

ScribeDelivery Sometime in early February, I signed-up for a monthly subscription service called ScribeDelivery (only my second such service, but gosh, I might be getting addicted!) This particular subscription delivers journals and pens to my door once per month (and, I’m told, sometimes other… Continue Reading “The First 10 Days #100DaysJournal”