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Bout of Books 10: Master Post

(Scroll down for daily updates.) Reading list: Below is the list of books that I’ll be choosing from this week. I doubt that I’ll get through all of them, especially as some (Frye, Woolf) are pretty dense. I hope to complete at least three… Continue Reading “Bout of Books 10: Master Post”

Bout of Books: I’m In!

Hello,  Readers! The semester is winding down (one week to go!) and I am very much looking forward to spending more time with you all very soon.  I will be teaching and taking one course this summer, so there will still be plenty going… Continue Reading “Bout of Books: I’m In!”

Ten Influential Books in My Life

Yesterday, Jillian of Random Ramblings posted her “Most Influential Books” and asked me if I would share mine, too. I really love her particular spin on this, which is that we share without giving any sort of explanation whatsoever.  It’s harder than it sounds!… Continue Reading “Ten Influential Books in My Life”

Classics Club Readathon #ccreadathon

Today, I’m participating in the Classic Club’s second annual Classics Readathon.  I plan to return to this post throughout the next 24-hours and make updates (as I feel like it), and also to update it at the end of the 24-hours, which would be… Continue Reading “Classics Club Readathon #ccreadathon”