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Bout of Books 10: Master Post

(Scroll down for daily updates.) Reading list: Below is the list of books that I’ll be choosing from this week. I doubt that I’ll get through all of them, especially as some (Frye, Woolf) are pretty dense. I hope to complete at least three… Continue Reading “Bout of Books 10: Master Post”

Bout of Books: I’m In!

Hello,  Readers! The semester is winding down (one week to go!) and I am very much looking forward to spending more time with you all very soon.  I will be teaching and taking one course this summer, so there will still be plenty going… Continue Reading “Bout of Books: I’m In!”

Classics Club Readathon #ccreadathon

Today, I’m participating in the Classic Club’s second annual Classics Readathon.  I plan to return to this post throughout the next 24-hours and make updates (as I feel like it), and also to update it at the end of the 24-hours, which would be… Continue Reading “Classics Club Readathon #ccreadathon”

2014 Themed Reading

So, I’ve decided that, in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for certain topics that I have always been interested in or curious about, I am going to arrange my reading in 2014 into themes/categories.  I am selecting 12 themes… Continue Reading “2014 Themed Reading”