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#2018BibleRBR Daily Reading Plan: June

Hello, Bible-As-Literature readers! As you’re probably noticing, I’m way behind in my own reading/posting. The end of the semester was a real beast, but I do plan to get caught up (I might not post weekly, however. I’m going to try to get caught… Continue Reading “#2018BibleRBR Daily Reading Plan: June”

#2018BibleRBR Daily Reading Plan: May

Here is my daily reading schedule for May. We will essentially finish up the section of the bible typically classified as the “History of Israel” (which ends with Esther). In June, we move on to the “Books of Wisdom.” As mentioned in the original… Continue Reading “#2018BibleRBR Daily Reading Plan: May”

2 Samuel 16-1 Kings 9 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Fifteen: 2 Samuel 16 – 1 Kings 9 The end of Second Samuel and the beginning of the Books of Kings is essentially the concluding of the story of David and the introduction of his successor, Solomon. Historically,… Continue Reading “2 Samuel 16-1 Kings 9 #2018BibleRBR”

1 Samuel 21-2 Samuel 15 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Fourteen: 1 Samuel 21 – 2 Samuel 15 The second half of 1 Samuel and the first part of 2 Samuel recounts the decline of Saul’s reign and the establishment of David’s. Much of 1 Samuel is devoted… Continue Reading “1 Samuel 21-2 Samuel 15 #2018BibleRBR”

Ruth 1 – 1 Samuel 20 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Thirteen: Ruth 1 – 1 Samuel 20 Reading Ruth and 1 Samuel together is interesting because, in the first case, we have a book that is almost assuredly made-up some 700-years after the fact by post-exilic writers who… Continue Reading “Ruth 1 – 1 Samuel 20 #2018BibleRBR”