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Little Women Check-In #CBAM2017

This check-in post comes a bit late. I had planned to post it on the 15th, but things have a way of happening, don’t they? Especially at the start of a new semester! I’m enjoying Little Women so far. It’s not exactly what I expected,… Continue Reading “Little Women Check-In #CBAM2017”

January’s Classic: Little Women #CBAM2017

Special Edit: I accidentally scheduled this post to go live on January 1st, 2018. It wasn’t until today that I realized my mistake — whoops!  Here we are! It is January 2017, and we are ready for the first CLASSIC BOOK-A-MONTH selection: Little Women by… Continue Reading “January’s Classic: Little Women #CBAM2017”

Announcing #CBAM2017: The Classic Book-a-Month Club

Hello, Everyone!  A couple of months ago, I was browsing through my rather massive list of “read” books, when I began to revisit a list of “favorite books” that I started over a decade ago. One thing I realized while revisiting this list was… Continue Reading “Announcing #CBAM2017: The Classic Book-a-Month Club”