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Deuteronomy 17-Joshua 4 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Ten: Deuteronomy 17–Joshua 4 Deuteronomy closes with Moses reminding his people of all the good god has done for them and of all the laws that must be kept if the people are to honor god and stay… Continue Reading “Deuteronomy 17-Joshua 4 #2018BibleRBR”

Numbers 35-Deuteronomy 16 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Nine: Numbers 35-Deuteronomy 16 We have reached the fifth and final book of the Pentateuch – and the last of the books of Moses. Numbers closes with the Israelites reaching the promised land and the borders of the… Continue Reading “Numbers 35-Deuteronomy 16 #2018BibleRBR”

Numbers 18-Numbers 34 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Eight: Numbers 18-Numbers 34 We are coming to the end of the books of Moses, and also the end of the tales of the tribes of Israel wandering the deserts. The next book, Deuteronomy, will leave us with… Continue Reading “Numbers 18-Numbers 34 #2018BibleRBR”

Numbers 3-Numbers 17 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Seven: Numbers 3-Numbers 17 How much more wandering in the desert must we put up with? These poor Israelites, no wonder they continue to whine and gripe every few decades. Can you imagine years and years of the… Continue Reading “Numbers 3-Numbers 17 #2018BibleRBR”

Leviticus 14-Numbers 2 #2018BibleRBR

Reading the Bible as Literature Week Six: Leviticus 14-Numbers 2 99% of what happens in this part of the bible is simply a listing (and re-listing, and then some rephrasing, plus more reminders, and then some emphasis of the same) of rules, laws, and… Continue Reading “Leviticus 14-Numbers 2 #2018BibleRBR”