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Giveaway: Van Gogh Journals

Dear Readers, I’m pleased to offer two sets of Van Gogh lined journals as giveaways for my blog subscribers. I was fortunate enough to receive three sets and have decided to keep one and share the other two with you all. All you need… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Van Gogh Journals”

Giveaway: Edinburgh by Alexander Chee

Here’s one of those exciting times when my screw-up might result in your benefit. A week or so ago, I ordered what I thought was one copy of Alexander Chee’s Edinburgh. Apparently, I must have accidentally put it in the virtual shopping cart twice… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Edinburgh by Alexander Chee”

Giveaway: Four Novel Journals

Hi Everyone! I have a special giveaway for blog subscribers running from July 5th through July 12th. As many of you know, I’m not just a reader but also a writer. Naturally, I’m obsessed with good journals and pens, but sometimes that means I… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Four Novel Journals”

Giveaway: Everyday Mindfulness

I was pleased to receive from TCK Publishing two copies of Melissa Steginus’s new book, Everyday Mindfulness: 108 Simple Practices to Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life. After a brief scan of the book, I have decided to work through my copy starting in… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Everyday Mindfulness”

#Readathon Challenge: Halloween Story Swap

THE HALLOWEEN STORY SWAP Welcome to my mini-challenge for this year’s Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon! First things first, you must be a registered participant of the 24-Hour Readathon happening today in order to be eligible to win the prize. Now that that’s done: what is the… Continue Reading “#Readathon Challenge: Halloween Story Swap”