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Giveaway: Van Gogh Journals

Dear Readers, I’m pleased to offer two sets of Van Gogh lined journals as giveaways for my blog subscribers. I was fortunate enough to receive three sets and have decided to keep one and share the other two with you all. All you need… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Van Gogh Journals”

Giveaway: Edinburgh by Alexander Chee

Here’s one of those exciting times when my screw-up might result in your benefit. A week or so ago, I ordered what I thought was one copy of Alexander Chee’s Edinburgh. Apparently, I must have accidentally put it in the virtual shopping cart twice… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Edinburgh by Alexander Chee”

My Characters Knew Who They Were #TheLiteraryOthers

My characters knew who they were before I did. by Robert Hill for Roof Beam Reader When I started to write my novel, The Remnants, I had only the vaguest idea about whom the people in it would truly be. All I knew was… Continue Reading “My Characters Knew Who They Were #TheLiteraryOthers”

Back to Blogging Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! After a lengthy hiatus from the blog, I’ve been slowly making my way back. There’s still a whole lot going on academically and professionally, but this blog is a place that I simply need to be, sometimes. I may not be posting/reviewing… Continue Reading “Back to Blogging Giveaway!”

Book Bloggers Made Me Do It #BBAW

It’s the third day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week and we’ve got a new blog topic to discuss! Here’s what the fearless leaders came up with: Day 3 Have you ever read a book because of a book blogger? Be it a good book or… Continue Reading “Book Bloggers Made Me Do It #BBAW”