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Interview: Kathe Koja’s Dark Factory

I’m pleased to welcome back to the blog, Kathe Koja! Kathe is one of my favorite contemporary writers, having penned some of my favorite books, such as Under the Poppy, Christopher Wild, and Buddha Boy. Today, Kathe is here to talk a little about… Continue Reading “Interview: Kathe Koja’s Dark Factory”

Author Alex Epstein Shares Ten Stories That Got Away

Hello Readers and Writers!   I would like to take a moment to welcome author Alex Epstein, author of THE CIRCLE CAST, to Roof Beam Reader! Alex is here today to share with us -readers and writers alike- some of those great ideas that just… Continue Reading “Author Alex Epstein Shares Ten Stories That Got Away”

Interview with Merlin Author T.A. Barron!

As a big fan of T.A. Barron’s Merlin Saga series, I’m excited to announce the paperback release of Atlantis Rising, the first book in an exciting fantasy new series!  I’m even more exciting to bring you all this interview with the author.  Enjoy! From the publisher:… Continue Reading “Interview with Merlin Author T.A. Barron!”

#BBAW Day 2: Interview Swap! (Obsession with Books)

I am honored to have Sharon of Obsession with Books visiting for BBAW Day 2’s “Interview Swap!”   Please give her a warm welcome! 1)      Tell us a little about your blog – when you started, what your focus is, why you do it,… Continue Reading “#BBAW Day 2: Interview Swap! (Obsession with Books)”

Somewhere Over the Sun by Adi Alsaid :: Author Interview

Hello, Readers! I would like you all to meet Adi Alsaid, author of Somewhere Over the Sun.  Adi has graciously agreed to stop by and answer a few interview questions, to help my readers get to know him. About the Book: Alan, a spirited… Continue Reading “Somewhere Over the Sun by Adi Alsaid :: Author Interview”