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Mansfield Park #AustenInAugustRBR

Jane Austen is perched on a curious point in the literary timeline, caught somewhat between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, both of which influenced her work. She greatly admires Samuel Johnson (as demonstrated by the many Johnson quotes & references that can be found… Continue Reading “Mansfield Park #AustenInAugustRBR”

Persuasion, Volume 1

I’m pleased to report that I am on schedule with my Persuasion read for this month. That means I’ve just finished Volume 1 and will begin Volume 2 today. You can find my weekly reading schedule near the bottom of this post. I’m less… Continue Reading “Persuasion, Volume 1”

Austen in August: Persuasion

Greetings! Today is August 1st, which means the (very lowkey) Austen In August event is here again! Two months ago, I sent out a call for volunteers to participate in a reboot of Austen in August. Typically, the event is jam-packed with guest posts… Continue Reading “Austen in August: Persuasion”

Considering the Secret of Northanger Abbey

Although I’m not hosting Austen in August this year, I did want to dip my toes into something Austen-related, at least. Old habits die heard! As many of you know, my favorite Austen novel is Northanger Abbey. It is not her best, but I have… Continue Reading “Considering the Secret of Northanger Abbey”

The Folio Society’s Mansfield Park!

Exciting news, dear readers! Listen. You all know by now that I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen and a huge fan of The Folio Society. I’ve been beyond excited by the fact that The Folio Society has been slowly releasing new, illustrated editions… Continue Reading “The Folio Society’s Mansfield Park!”